When I first created about 10 notes on my handheld (manually input into notes from old palm notepad data). I saved them into a subfolder called "My Notes". Anyways, on the first sync after the creation they all transferred to outlook and showed up with a "My Notes/" prefix in front of the note name, which is fine.

However, whenever I edit a note on my handheld and I go to resync with the desktop I get an error saying something about insufficent space or the program might still be open, (i don't have the exact error code as I'm at work right now but can post back with it this evening) I have tried closing all programs on the handheld, didn't work, I have tried after a soft reset, didn't work, I have tried with outlook both open and closed, didn't work.

I am using outlook 2003 if that helps. Could having my note files in a sub folder be causing the issue? They are still getting transferred to the "My Treo800W folder" just fine so I have a backup just in case, they just won't sync the changes with outlook???