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    I've got one gripe about my Treo 800w and my email (old school aol account-too lazy to switch over)I'm hoping someone could help me with. I liked how on the Sidekick when you deleted an email within the aol app on the Sidekick it deleted it on the online (webmail) server as well. Both mail boxes were the same whether you were on the phone or computer. I believe this is called two way reconciliation. I was wondering if this was possible on this phone through any programs or even better with PocketOutlook? Is this what SEVEN and Emoze do? If so what one would you recommend?
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    i have an aol account and it deltes on aol when i delete on the phone

    you have to send/receive on the phone AFTER you delete the emails
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwk75s View Post

    you have to send/receive on the phone AFTER you delete the emails
    Correct and also make sure the following is configured properly.

    Go to the Inbox
    Tap on your mail account.
    Select "Send/Receive Schedule"
    Click the "Advanced Settings link
    Under the option "When deleting messages"
    Select "delete them off the server"
    Press Done and keep pressing Done (or OK depending on the screen) till you're out of it.
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    Thanks alot... That solved my problem... Appreciate the help.

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