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    I've just flashed my Sprint 700wx to WM 6.1 Rom (includes the SDHC cab). I'm curious to know what results others who've applied this cab have had, particularly the following...

    WM version:
    Card capacity/speed:
    Card Manufacturer:
    Special requirements: (did you have to partition, run around in a circle 3 times etc)

    Anyone try 16 or 32 GB?
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    I have been just a bit impatient about this and hit CompUSA on the way home from work. I picked up a 16GB (+bonus USB card reader) card for 29.99.

    Cha-ching. My phone read all 16GB right out of the box!!! I've just loaded 6GB of music. So I'll start it off...

    Carrier/Model: Sprint 700wx
    WM version: 6.1 (release 1.3)
    Card capacity/speed: 16GB class 6
    Card Manufacturer: Transcend
    Special requirements: n/a
    Pass/Fail: PASS!!!!
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    I know my 8 gig read just fine after I installed the 1.3 rom...I have a Sprint 700wx...I did have to format the sdhc card first to FAT32. Can't wait until the 2TB card comes out...
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    UNICEL/Verizon 700wx
    Flashed to the NR 1.3(tweaked WM6.1) ROM
    These are the cards i can read and use

    Kingston 2GB microSD in a Kingston SD adapter.

    ADATA 8GB microSDHC class 6 in a Kingston SD adapter.
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    WM version:6.1 (XDA Devs Port)
    Card capacity/speed:8GB
    Card Manufacturer:Microcenter
    Special requirements: (did you have to partition, run around in a circle 3 times etc) Nothing Special at all. Plugged in and went.
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    I see you guys running 6.1wm on your treo 700wx. How easy is it to install? were can i download it?

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    Do I have to upgrade to WM6 for SDHC to work?

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