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    I just recently installed a trial version of Styletap version 1.1.012. Since I installed it I found out that I cannot anymore recieve incoming bluetooth sent files/connections. I could do this function prior to the installation. I did a hard reset of the device afterwards and the incoming bluetooth connection/files were recieved. I reinstalled again Styletap and this again was disabled. I even tried disabling the beaming processing within styletap and this did not improve my condition. Can you shed some light into this bug?

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    Have you contacted Styletap about this?
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    Yes, I did. I'm still waiting for their official reply. I was wondering if any of the folks here at the forum had also experienced this problem.
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    Keep us posted on what you hear back. When the Sprint Treo Pro is released and I am able to get it Styletap is one of the first programs I planned on getting.
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    I have a Treo Pro running Styletap v1.1.012 and I have no problems with bluetooth or IR. No probs both in styletap and outside it..

    I did however have a problem receiving files via BT and IR on the Treo Pro but recognised the problem to be with the 'Receive all incoming beams' beams option. It MUST be checked to receive IR OR BT files. Of course I deduced this on my own and I could be mistaken..

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    I am the same as Dunebug.
    I have Treo Pro running Styletap v 1.0.017.

    Everything is working fine.
    I also had to figure out that to receive incoming files the 'Receve incoming beams' under IR needed to be ticked.

    I am running a Treo Pro on the Telstra Next G network in Australia.
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