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    I was looking around for an IMAP pushing service, so I'd be able to get "Push Gmail".
    I found one, which I setup, and it works beautifully.
    The only problem I had was that if I'm on a long phone call, it gives me an error message, and I then have to restart it after I'm done the call, since every few minutes it tells Gmail that it's still working.
    If you copy a the file or a shortcut into your Windows\StartUp folder, it will start automatically.
    It seems like the author is constantly working on it, and releases updates from time to time.
    One more hint: if you want to reset your settings, you have to go into the Application Data folder (in the main My Device folder), and then open the ImapPusher folder, and delete the settings file, then restart the service.
    You can get it here:
    IMAP Pusher Service - Home
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    Requires .NET framework. I won't install that on my device due to the slowdowns and other issues I've experienced with it.

    Other than that, looks like exactly what someone would want with a Push e-mail option.
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    I don't think it slows down my device.
    But then again, maybe it is, and I don't know...
    Question is if there are other alternatives not using .NET.
    I wonder if this can be done by someone here.
    Any volunteers?
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    I've found this plugin to be too buggy for safe use when I used it on my Treo 750v. Development seems to have stalled too.
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