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    Has anyone else has problems with their 800w saving pictures from the web? I tap and hold on the pics and am given the option to save, but when choose the ok to download, I just get an error that I am unable to save the file. I've tried several pictures.
    I still haven't picked up a SD card yet, but I'm told I should be able to save to the device.
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    No problems. Save pics all the time.
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    What is the exact error you get?
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    Hi. Thanks for the responses. The error pretty much says exactly what I said:

    ERROR: Unable to save the file.

    I checked to see if there was maybe an explorer update, but no luck.
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    This happens to me all the time, just back up a page, hit Menu, Tools, Options, Memory, then Delete Files, Clear History, then just go to your picture & try again. It will work again for a while & it will come back for some reason. Maybe someone can come up with a hack to increase something...
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    Thanks, again. Didn't do the trick, though. Just got the thing Friday, so I really haven't put anything onto the memory, but cleared it anyway. Same message. Maybe I'll have more luck when I plug a SD card into it.
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    Well that sucks...that helps mine. Sorry to hear that, but I think even without an SD card it should be able to save it.

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