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    i have searched around here and the tweak the registry thread but i don't see alot of fixes for the short battery life on the 800w. does anybody know if there is a cab install to prolong the battery life ?
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    There really is only one fix - buy an extended battery.

    In my experience really the best thing you can do is turn the backlight down as far as you can reasonably go. And don't run apps that use the data connection in the background (though I've had no unusual battery drain with Exchange push). Other than that, get used to plugging in whenever you can.

    The Seidio extended battery (the huge one) will get you to a good place with respect to battery life, but your tradeoff is a significant increase in the size of the phone. Perhaps the worst part of it is that there's extra room inside Seidio's extended battery door (enough for a green felt pad from the hardware store). Why they didn't make the door a little thinner, I have no idea.
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    man that's a bummer, so how long is the typical battery life if you don't use your phone much ? i mean will the battery totally die if i let it sit idle over night ?
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    Without the extended battery in my limited experience (I got the big one first chance I could and never looked back) yes it will die overnight. I couldn't make it to bedtime, but I tend to use my phone a lot...
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    Without the extended battery in my limited experience (I got the big one first chance I could and never looked back) yes it will die overnight. I couldn't make it to bedtime, but I tend to use my phone a lot...
    well i found a battery tweak cab for the 800w. i find it hard to believe that the battery would die overnight if your not using it much. why the heck would palm release such a crappy phone then ?
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    The average person using the 800w finds it lasts a full 8 hour work day.

    Many people are finding it lasts 12+ hours for them. Despite my fairly heavy use, I often won't need to charge my 800w all day.

    I do keep a charger on hand though, just in case.

    The smaller extended battery (the one without the door) is a nice way to get a few extra hours of life out the phone. You'll see about a 20% increase with it.

    Battery times seem to be trending downwards. Some of HTC's phone have pretty poor battery times (even the Touch Pro has only 4 hours of talk time, half an hour less than the 800w). BB battery time life has dropped for a lot of their phones as they add features (GPS, faster processors, touch screens, etc). The black slab phones which got great battery life (Like the Moto Q9c, which has 7 hours IIRC) are being discontinued.

    The 800w is pretty typical. Matter of fact, if you compare talk times it's actually one of the better phones out there (which isn't saying much).

    There's a big push to go lighter, thinner, while having more speed/features, and the battery is the first casualty of this.
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    I switch between the Seidio 1530 and 2600 batteries depending on how long I expect to be away from power or a PC, and how big I want the phone to be on a particular day.

    With the slim extended battery, off charger at 7am, I'm at about 30-40% by 8 to 9pm with roughly an hour of phone calls and Exchange push going all day, backlight at 50%. With the 2600 extended battery, I don't think I've ever seen it below 60%, though I do charge every night. With that battery I usually set the backlight around 80-100% since it doesn't matter.

    IMHO, the 800w isn't a crappy phone; Palm's design choice of using the tiny Centro battery in a business phone was a crappy decision. There are times when attempting to leverage component commonality is a bad choice, and this is one of those times. Personally I'd rather have the whole phone be 1-2mm thicker with a really great battery, but as Ebag333 indicates, that's not the trend these days.
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    Its not that bad.It improves after a month or two.
    I turned off the email auto retrieve .Installed that battery Cab.
    Im finding with light use I can go 48 hrs.
    I have a spare battery which I might use once a month.The spare has always had a full charge when Ive needed it.
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    What exactly does that actually do???
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    If you are a heavy user you will have no choice but to deal with it. The battery does charge fast (like 20 minutes). This is because the battery is so small. My Centro has the same battery and it charges just as fast. Car charger and extra batteries are like gold.
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    don't know what the "battery cab" does, but go into settings:

    make sure beam receive is OFF
    set GPS to 911 ONLY
    turn off BLUETOOTH if you are not using it
    turn off WiFi if you are not using it
    retreive email MANUALLY
    keep the backlight as low as conditions allow

    with those settings and HEAVY use i go 2 days on my 2600mah seidio battery

    heavy use for me is:

    1 - 2 hours of talk / day

    1-2 hours of internet / day

    75-100 emails /day

    75-100 sms / day
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