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    I made a big mistake and I have a big problem and I need an urgent help please. I have ATT 750 unlocked because I'm outside the States now on a long job assignment. My Treo was 6.0 then I upgrade it to 6.1 so far so good.

    Then I saw a custom rom with embeded Arabic support, that I thought it was interesting. the custom rom I think was for HTC Dimond. without paying too much attention. I started the upgrade. It went 70% before the upgrade crashed.

    Now my Treo is not responding to anything. I have the original ATT 6.0 SD upgrade and desktop upgrade and I have the 6.1 upgrade. I tried to do rom flas via formated SD card (per instruction) and I tried CheetahUnlocker to flash the SPL (that is working) but when I try to install the 6.0 or 6.1 in either method the Treo crashes.

    I saw a post on one of the message board that suggest to place the original 6.0 on a freshly formatted SD and install from there. that is not working either. when I try to install the software it goes into these steps before it crashes: BTW, I have the tri-color bar and it has the following info:


    while update is in progress i see the following:


    SPLASH1 - OK
    GSM - OK
    MicroP - OK
    EXTROM - Fail
    OS -

    After the crash I get this msg: "Update Terminate Update Failed"
    Any suggestion please? I'm in a country that don't have any Palm or Treo dealers or support (they never heard of such a device)

    If you need more info? please let me know

    Thanks in advance
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    You need to send your Treo 750 back to Palm or ATT for repairs. Only they can resurrect your Treo from the dead.

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