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    Have you ever had a analog clock, on the upper right side of the screen apear, in place of the digital one? I had not changed anything in the time or date, this has led to two hard resets. If their is a solution to this please post it, I don't want to preform a hard reset just because of this.

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    LOL yeah, your 800w is fried. You'd better just send it directly to me and buy yourself a new smartphone.

    Or, you could hold the stylus down over the clock and select "Digital" from the popup menu.
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    That's weird you mention that my did that by itself like 2 days ago. I knew how to change it back.
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    Yeah I don't know why but from time to time mine will go back to analog as well. Do like as posted above and press and hold your stylus on the clock and select digital and it'll be fixed.
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    Whoah, this happened to me today. Weird. I had no idea you could hold down on the clock and select analog and digital. That's cool.

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