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    Just bought an 8 GB MicroSD card for my Treo Pro.

    Is it just a question of putting it into the slot and it'll be automatically recognised, or do I need to format it first or run any other program to have the Treo recognise it?

    It is fully recognised by my PC, but not by the Treo.

    Thanks in advance for indulging an *****.....
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    I did not have to format mine. I just put it in and it was recogized by the Treo Pro. My card already had data on it and had been other devices, so possibly it had already been formatted. But I've never had to deliberately format one before...they just always work out of the package.
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    Same here. I din't need to format it, but getting used to inserting it all the way may be an issue.
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    Only once in 8 years have I had to format a card and never a SanDisk. Formatting though really is not difficult.
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    I go my MicroSD 8 gig Class 4 today for $12 something.

    Write is about 5.45 MB/sec

    My SD Sandisk E-extreme write at 9.5 MB/sec.
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    Thanks for the responses. In the end, all I did was just do a reset, and suddenly it recognised the card.

    Odd, but it works and now I know ....

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