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    New Treo Pro-unlocked. I have used the task manager to close all the programs and it says I have 101.18 mb available, 41.59 in use, and 59.59 free. With no programs running, does the 41.59 in use seem high?

    The only apps I have loaded so far are Skyfire and Xpress Mail, both on the device, not on card.

    Does the amount of program memory in use seem reasonable?

    If this question has already been asked and answered, I apologize. I did search first, but had no luck.

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    I've mad mine for a few months...

    7.81 mb of storage free
    41.64 mb program memory free

    My treo is pretty much tricked out the way I need it, so I don't imagine I will be adding too much to it... meaning I have a lot on it already.
    I am however, concerned about my storage memory though, as my email program "7" gives me probs if I get much lower then where i am at....
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    Thanks for the feedback onmymark.

    I meant to specify that my numbers were "program" memory. I have 59 mb free in program memory, and you have 42 free, so I guess mine is not bad out of line.

    You are getting pretty low on your storage memory. I guess you have put all you can on the card?

    My concern about the program memory is that 40% of it is in use, without any applications running.
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    Mine seems to be about 41% also. Seems high to me too though.

    Also, it may be my imagination, but it seems to creep up during the day.

    Anyone else notice that?
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    My Program Memory is use varies from 34Mb immediately after a soft reset to an average of 41Mb.

    Mine seems to creep up also.
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    after soft reset i'm @ 33. seems to creep up to low 40's, but ilve seen low 50's with nothing running.

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