Has anyone come across this before and if so, do they have a resolution?

For some seemingly random reason, the functionality to either set up a new email account or change the settings of an existing one has stopped working on my Treo Pro. When I go into the Messaging - Options dialogue box, previously I could hold the stylus down on one of my email accounts and a pop up would appear allowing me to Edit the settings. Now all I get is the option to delete the account. If I delete the account and then click on the "New Account..." option (i.e. to try and re-create the account I just deleted) nothing happens. I just stay in the email options dialogue box. The only thing I appear to be able to do at this point is click on the "Outlook E-Mail" option, which starts a wizzard for me to set up that.

I have not gone through this wizzard yet, because I'm sure this was not the way it worked when I first set up my other email accounts, but I'll give it a go if someone suggests this is the right thing to do.

Incidentally, the reason why I started looking into this was because I (again, seemingly randomly) stopped receiving incoming email on my device. I could send but it would not receive. I thought I would edit the settings or re-create the account. Now I don't seem to be able to do either.

Any thoughts gang?