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    hey all, i bought a $19.95 Jabra (can't remember the model number) BT Headset on the way to the cashier line at Fry's. that was not a good idea. it worked fine a coupla times but now a garbled unintelligible voice i send out is what i have. the battery is new and it turns on and off fine.

    Is there a compatibility issue here? are there BT headsets better rated to work with the Palm 800w? Not trying to spend a ton of money either.thanks,,,,,,,PH
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    You tend to get what you pay for. The couple of cheapie headsets that I've tried I haven't been impressed with at all.

    Check out the store and see what's rated what.
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    thanks for the link. but what a mine field of guessing. i don't wanna buy a couple more to find the right one. i did find the one i bought and ahem---it was the cheapest here. the Jabra BT2040.

    i would just use my wired buds but i hate'em falling outa my bad.

    i need more clarity on the right one and no guessing.

    onward thru the fog
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    I had a notable lack of success with the Bluetrek metal and my 800w. Would not work at all, but it worked with other phones so I chalk it up to an incompatibility (rare these days). I also had trouble getting a good fit from it, incidentally.

    For the 800w, I've had success with the Samsung WEP200 (love that one still), Jawbone I, and Zivio Boom/Joby. I'm sure I've used others - the Voyager 510 is always a workhorse, though kind of hard to store when not being worn (I am not one of those people who would leave my bluetooth headset in my ear, say, when talking to a TV news reporter), and it has a weird charger. In fact all of the ones I have used have a weird charger - what's up with that. Annoying.

    Fact is, probably 99% of bluetooth headsets out there will work fine. Buy from a reputable retailer that will accept returns and keep all the original packaging, etc. while you're making a decision. When you find The Right Headset, you'll know. And tell me so I can stop looking.
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    Blueant Z9.

    If you can still get one, get it. Great range and sounds better than the phone itself (on both ends).

    The newer model is the Z9i, great sound, just seems like it doesn't have quite the range of the z9. Still by far the best headets I have had.
    I have had at least 10 of them over the past 6 years.
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    thanks guys! will give them a look/see. i did like the replaceable battery in this jabra. i hope i don't have to charge my new one on the fly or on a charger. i'm a battery nut.anyway--i will look this weekend and let ya know.
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    I've heard very very few complaints about the Z9. And all of them minor.
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    I'm sure many of us can recommended various ones, but the Samsung WEP200 was recommended to me by someone and I couldn't agree more. The sound quality on both ends is perfect! Size is very small too and charger is simple. And most importantly, it connects to my phone reliable and every time...that's a big deal coming from other headsets when I had the Treo 650.

    Battery life could be longer, but it's nothing bad at all, and if you're planning to use it when you're say running or active, it can be a bit loose and not that solid feel in some ears.
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    Plantronics 925
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    I bought the Blueant Z9 on Mal's recommendation when I was still using my 700wx. Works very well on my 800w and it has up dateable firmware, battery life and range are good.
    Still waiting for Hitachi to reintroduce the G1000 with a VGA screen and more memory. I still miss that crash prone beauty.
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    Plantronics Voyager 815 for me. - PLANTRONICS Voyager815 Bluetooth Headset - Bluetooth Cell Phone Accessories

    With the accessories that it comes with, it can charge via a AA battery, USB, or the standard wall charger.

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