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    Well there seems to be a problem with my phone and programs that are installed on my memory card. I thought I narrowed the problem down to Weatherpanel, but it doesnt seem to be the problem.

    Here is the background info... I would frequently have problems with getting the phone to access programs such as Weatherpanel, Treo Alerts, and any other program installed on my memory card. It usually was with weather panel around 11:30 -12:30 (might just be a coincidence around this time). It would give an error and I could not access other programs, thus requiring a soft reset. Now sometimes, my Treo Alerts program would get picky as well, with an error saying it can't access mortscript with a button-timer countdown. This also led to programs not working, thus requiring another reset.

    It use to be that these errors were rare, but now they seem to be happening on a daily basis. I did delete weather panel off my phones memory card for a 1.5 days, but reinstalled it because I missed it. When I deleted it off, for those days, I did not get an error. But This time I reinstalled it onto the phone's memory and thought all was clear until a few minutes ago.

    I just deleted weatherpanel off the phones internal memory. Hopefully it solves the problem, but I can't go without weather panel.

    Other thoughts:
    1. It's weatherpanel... But I've had weatherpanel on here from almost the beginning of last fall.
    2. My memory card is on its way out.
    3. Any other ideas?

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    Memory cards do go bad, especially the inexpensive ones that seem to pop up everywhere. Due to that I now stick with SanDisk and have had no problem with any of them.

    Have you considered backing the unit up, executing a hard reset and installing everything but the suspect application(s)?
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    Its been a day, without Weather panel installed, and there isn't a problem. I will give it a couple more days and see whats happening. I will take your suggestions into consideration if the problem comes back.

    As I read in another post, others seem to be having a similar problem. I thought it was my memory card dying as well, but according to

    this thread I might not be alone.

    So maybe its WP for me or maybe its some other problem. Thanks!

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