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    Aero, you must have forgotten that we're talking about Sprint, who has more corporate customers than most and the 800w must have sold well because Palm is in great fiscal shape .

    VibrantRedGT, the 800w sold well and the only reason no other carrier picked it up is because RIM and Apple paid the other carriers to ignore it .

    Yea, that's the ticket!
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    This is getting a little ridiculous.

    I have a really hard time understanding people who seem to just want to stir up the pot. Some of you don't even own the device yet feel the need to point out what a piece of crap you think it is at every opportunity. We already know your opinion but you feel the need to repeat it over and over again. I actually used to respect your opinions but you lost all credibility with me when you say (in not so many words) that everyone who does not agree with you is wrong.

    Some of you were saying 4 months ago that the 800w would be gone before the end of 2008. You were wrong. It turns out it will be here until April 2009. Which, as evidenced by the EOL list, is a fairly normal run. The only reason it has reached EOL is because there will be a replacement ready to go at that time. Its just like every other phone that sprint sells. When a newer phone comes along that is the same form factor, same OS, and the same brand the old one gets EOL'd. Not rocket science and no need to read all kinds of crazy conspiracy stuff into it.

    As many of us have said over and over. My 800w works just fine. I have very good sound quality. My GPS works fast and perfectly. I have no trouble making it through the day on battery. My phone is very fast and responsive. It has the best keyboard of any WM phone on the market. Its by far the best phone that I have ever had.

    For me the Touch Pro is a slow, unresponsive, block, that feels like I am carrying around a CD case. I cant stand Touch Flo and hate the form factor. I would rather use a dumb phone than that thing. Thats just my opinion and those who don't share aren't necessarily wrong. Different strokes for different folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    Also, please do do the math. It is not half the time period or double the discount in reality. It much less since in reality you get new customer pricing every two years which is considerably more than the Rebate.
    That is why people paid $200 to $250 for a $600 phone when buying the 800w.

    Offering discounts out of desperation is has nothing to do with the cadence of phone releases. Sprint has ALWAYS had a huge mixed bag of discounts!
    Aero, I don't think you're following.

    Previously Sprint was offering a $75 discount every year, or a $150 every two years.

    Now they are offering a $150 discount every year. (Yes, not to every customer but to a large chunk of them.)

    That's double the amount if you look at it by the dollar per year amount ($75 to $150), or half the time frame (2 years to 1 year). Depends on how you look at it.

    As for the rest of this thread....WTB lock.
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    I don't know if this is the right place to say it, but I am still within the first week of getting my 800w, and I LOVE IT.
    Yes, it may slow down and need to be reset every so often.
    Yes, the battery life is not the greatest (especially since I am still figuring out what and when to turn off).
    I could go and try out every device out there, and see which things I like or don't like about each one.
    But why should I?
    I'm very happy with the device I have.
    I'll try to find ways to make it better, or things I can add, but I don't go and try to find things that are bad about it, or convince myself not to like it.
    Anyone who moves on from a 800w to another phone needs to justify the upgrade in his own eyes, and tries to convince others to do like he did.
    If I do get a new device when the time comes, I may point out things I like better about the new device, but I won't go back to the other forum to say all the things that device was lacking.
    But to those who come to constantly gripe about the 800w - we don't need you to constantly add your two cents of bashing to each discussion. Discuss your new phone on it's forums.
    Enjoy it for all it's worth.
    But to come to tell us that your phone is better - thanks, but no thanks.

    Just my two cents...
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    Isaacl - Who exactly is coming here just to gripe about the 800w? Because I see 2 people who spoke unfavorably about the 800w in this thread of conversation, who were trying to offer you a little help with effectively using GPS on your 800w. And I know the 3rd in this thread who spoke unfavorably about the 800w has a record of even recent comments where they've been helping people with various issues in other threads.
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    Darnell - you're right.
    I just wish all the comments were somewhat positive.
    But I definitely appreciate everything anybody adds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Previously Sprint was offering a $75 discount every year, or a $150 every two years.
    To a tiniy minority who have been on sprint for ten years and have accounts over $100.

    It is not a doubling of the discount because the typical discount on a smartphone is in fact about $300 to $400 ever two years.

    Giving an extrta $75 off the current $75 in one year to a tiny minority of the customers, has nothing to do with much except Spritn has been losing those top 5 to 10% high profit customers to ATT and Verizon and wants to stop that
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    What happen was many y people were saying when the Pro came out in GSM tha tit meant the 800w would be in trouble and they were right. We have Sprint employees saying no one was buying after September.

    So the people who argued the the writing wasn't on the wall, were wrong. The peopel arguing that there was no substantive difference were demonstably wrong sicne Sprint adn Palm saw the substantive difference.

    As fat as the price date of EOL that is a canard when you consider the facts.

    In September and Novemeber I was looking at adverts in the NYTIMEs and Wash Post with Sprint advertising high end phones that were introduced before and after the 800w, adn the 800w was missing. We got mailers and saw the same thing.

    We saw the drastic clearance price on the 800w.

    Through Nov-Dec out we had people saying, there are no leaks (as if there were leaks of the Pre either!) and therefore it was unlikely the Pro was coming in fist quarter 09!

    It was obvious to some of us the Pro was coming on Sprint at this time and to others, claiming the devices were the same and just cosmetic different (lol) and therefore there was no need -- were wrong.

    WE know that at the end of 2008 the 800w wasn't selling, it wasn't even selling in the fall.

    The Pro will be a much more successful device.
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    Aero, I guess you don't understand that you can get the new customer pricing now at one year instead of two (because you are eligible for the "full" discount).

    So now the typical discount is "in fact about $300 to $400" every one year. (Though in reality it's more along the lines of $150 + whatever mail in rebate is being offered, typically $100 to $250, which puts it in the $200 to $350 total discount range. Some of us have talked Sprint into good customer discounts, but that's above and beyond the new customer pricing, and doesn't apply here as it's customer specific, while the new customer pricing pretty much applies to everyone.)

    As for a "tiny minority", out of everyone I (personally) know that has Sprint at least half the people are eligible for this. Of course only one or two of them would even care as far as it applies to a smartphone. The rest will just be glad that they now get a new phone every year or so for free instead of paying the $50-$75.
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    So to sum up:

    - The EOL proves I was right and X was wrong! Anybody who says otherwise is either wrong, duplicitous, or both!
    - The EOL doesn't prove anything of the sort! Anybody who says otherwise is either wrong, duplicitous, or both!

    - The 800w is crap and the Treo Pro will be a huge seller! Anybody who says otherwise is either wrong, duplicitous, or both!
    - The 800w is just fine and the Treo Pro isn't going to do much better! Anybody who says otherwise is either wrong, duplicitous, or both!

    - The 800w didn't sell well at all, they replaced it with the Treo Pro! Anybody who says otherwise is either wrong, duplicitous, or both!
    - The 800w sold just fine, part of the normal product cycle! Anybody who says otherwise is either wrong, duplicitous, or both!

    - The 800w's [insert problem here] is a result of poor design and anybody who likes it is clearly idiotic!
    - The 800w's [insert problem here] is a result of trade-offs that always happen with smartphones and anybody who hates on them has an axe to grind!

    All of the above debates are of SMALL MATTER and definitely do not rise to the level of vitriol, baiting, attacks, and whatever else they've received. All of these personal attacks -- subtle and not-so-subtle -- need to stop. Now.

    If you want to discuss any of the above, great. Doing so with any attempts to attack, bait, insult, or otherwise bend or break forum rules will no longer be tolerated.

    Thread closed.
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