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    I tried to clean up some of the ATT software on the phone (treo 750 ATT), and somehow the camera function is not working anymore either... I have the icon, on the start screen, but if you select it the only thing I get is my pictures show up that I have on the phone, no ability to select the camera itself and take a new pic..

    Is there a way to correct this?? Please...

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    What exactly did you delete?
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    That's a good question, I was looking at some of the program files that were contained ATT in the title and if it had something that didn't look to be needed I deleted it.
    Like the AOL Instant messenger stuff, and some of the Versa mail crap..

    But none of the files said camera, or I would have saved it and not deleted it.
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    This may be a flawed approach cause I've never had to restore from a backup, but I'd backup, do a hard reset which should fix your problem, and then restore to get your programs and data. Better still if you have a backup before the housecleaning. Some else may have better advice based on practical knowledge. Good luck!
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    Try a hard reset. It may solve your problem.
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    How do I DO a hard reset? I'm having the same camera problem. Not sure what I did to make this happen

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