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    There is a hack for the HTC Touch Flo for non HTC Devices.

    Anyone tried it on the 800w yet?
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    Gotta link? I'll give it a go...
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    From all I've read, Touch Flo 3D simply does not work on the 800w. (And because of resolution issues you might not be able to get it to work on the Treo Pro either, but I can't say I've read enough Treo Pro forums to say.)

    There are some 800w users who are using Touch Flo 2D, but it's a bit buggy.

    You might want to take the advice in the 2nd comment of this thread and try something like SPB Pocket Plus or something else known to work well on the 800w.

    (Personally speaking, in Touch Pro land, I'm going bananas, that there is a Touch HD port for the Touch Pro [TF3D HD was originally ported for the Touch Diamond] . I'm still reviewing it though, I can't believe something with the .Net compact framework works faster as some are claiming that port does. And I've already got some of the Touch HD features like Touch Flo configuration on my Touch Pro now anyway. And I think I might have found other ways to add the 5 extra tabs that are in the Touch HD without that Touch HD port hack.)
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    You can try ThrottleLauncher which come w/ the TF3D theme.. I've been using it for months now and I have no lag issues or anything else.. There's a thread somewhere here that I posted a screenshot of TL.. here's another (don't mind the poor quality wallpaper - that's not part of the theme ):
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