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    Strange stuff... I open an email and read it... then I hit the left button to "reply" the reply email opens up with my cursor in place ready to type. If I begin to type get about 8 characters in and the typing disappears behind what looks like a blank white menu box that is open on the screen. This box measure an inch square and looks like a blank menu of some sort. It is empty and white in color. The only way I can continue typing my reply is to tap the screen anywhere inside the blank white box... it disappears and then I am back to my reply email and can type in normal fashion.

    I know this sounds strange. I did search here but this is so bizarre that I was not even sure what keywords to use.

    Any ideas?
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    Sounds like a problem with your Auto Word completion. Go to Setting, then Personal tab at bottom. Choose the Input config application, and click the Word Completion tab at the bottom, Click the Clear Stored Entries Button. Let me know if this button doesn't exist on your screen, I'm not sure if it was in Pre-Windows Mobile 6. If its not there, just turn off the word completion altogether and see if it stops. Then turn it back on as needed.

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