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    Sorry to post this late, but I just noticed on my Amazon email alerts from this morning that the unlocked Pro had been 399 (free ship no tax) on Amazon today. Wow.
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    I think this will work on T-mobile pre-paid.

    Now back to $500.
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    Sounded like that was only a two hour special???? Irrelevant really for me since I have had my GSM TP for 4 months now and I dont need another one. However, I am interested in what this gold box is?? Mine came in a white box. Anyone else get a gold box? Limited edition? Am I way off here and entertaining people reading this because it is a hardware item or something? I admit. I'm clueless here. Please help
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    gold box is a promotional item.

    You are right it was a special but typically you see these gold box specials when a company wants to blow out stock or when general price drops are approaching so it does have meaning
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    An eminent price drop makes sense with a subsudized version and Pre about to hit the market in the next few months.

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