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    I have been having this recurring problem since I got the 800w, but until this week it has been sporadic. And, it hadn't happened in several months. Until Tuesday.

    Pocket Outlook seems to clear its own inbox for both Yahoo Mail and Gmail. I don't see it throwing any messages, error or otherwise, about the Inbox being cleared. And, obviously, I am not telling it to do so. One minute the inbox has several hundred messages, the next minute (literally) the inbox for the same e-mail account is empty.

    I have not installed any new software since I began having this problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this behavior?
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    Not sure if this is the problem your having but it doens't hurt to apply it. I used to have problems not being able to send emails using gmail until I applied this patch.

    Windows Mobile 6.1 POP and IMAP Send Mail Patch

    This behavior is associated with a feature that is introduced in Windows Mobile 6.1. The feature allows for mobile operators to specify an alternate SMTP server name that is used if e-mail messages cannot be sent by using the user-specified SMTP server name. If the mobile operator does not specify an alternate SMTP server name and if the Windows Mobile 6.1-based device does not connect, the e-mail account is corrupted and cannot send e-mail messages.


    Follow all steps below completely and in order. Be sure to complete all steps.

    Follow only one set of instructions below, depending on whether you synchronize your device to a PC:

    · If you connect your device directly to a PC with a USB cable or cradle, follow the instructions for Windows Mobile users who connect to a PC to synchronize.

    · If do not synchronize your device or phone with your PC or you only synchronize your phone or device wirelessly with a Microsoft Exchange Server or other e-mail and calendar systems, follow the instructions for Windows Mobile users who do not connect to their PCs to synchronize

    Windows Mobile users who connect to a PC to synchronize

    Download and run the Windows Mobile 6.1 POP and IMAP Send Mail Patch.

    Check to make sure you have the latest version of ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center:

    ActiveSync 4.5 or Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1.

    Connect your Windows Mobile device to your PC, download and then run the Windows Mobile 6.1 POP and IMAP Send Mail Patch for Windows Mobile

    Windows Mobile users who do not connect to their PCs to synchronize

    For users that do not connect to PCs, there is an update file (.CAB) available to make this update. (Note: There are a number of ways to install a .CAB file and below outlines a popular method).

    Using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile browser on your device, go to this location Download details: WM 6.1 Hot Fix for Sending POP and IMAP E-mail and download this file, WindowsMobile61-KB958639.msi, to your Windows Mobile device. This file will install the update directly on the device.

    Installation Instruction:

    From your device, navigate to the file you downloaded, and then tap it (or select the file and press “OK” button on a non-touch screen device) to install the update. If you are unable to download the file proceed to step 2.

    If you are unable to access the file in step 1 on your device, open Windows Internet Explorer on your PC and click here to start the download process. After downloading the file, attach it to an e-mail and send it to an account you can access on your device (the send mail bug will not prevent you from receiving messages). On your device, open the e-mail and save the attached file; on some devices, you may need to synchronize your e-mail a second time to download the attached file. Then navigate to the file on your device and click on it to install the update.

    Note: After you install this update, your device will automatically restart to ensure that the update is complete

    Installation tips

    Check the messages in your Outbox

    After you have applied the update to your Windows Mobile device, messages in the Outbox folder of your affected POP and IMAP accounts will be sent. You may no longer wish to send these messages if they are out of date. You can keep these messages from being sent by navigating to the Outbox folder of these accounts and either deleting the messages or moving them to another folder. On a WM 6.1 Professional device you can access account folders by tapping on the folder drop down located on the upper left of the message list. On WM 6.1 Standard devices you can access account folders by Pressing the Menu soft key, then selecting Folders.

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