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    hey guys, I've had a 650, 3 680's and most recently a Centro - all on AT&T. I "upgraded" last week to the 800w on Sprint. One of the things I really miss is the ability to type first letter of the first name, then type the last name to search contacts. I have 12 Smith's in my contacts - being able to type "csmi" brings up Tom Smith way faster than typing "smith" then scrolling down to Tom. Am I missing something? Is there a tweak or setting for this?
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    Try typing Tom instead. It'll search based on first name as well.
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    I had this same problem when "moving over". On win mobil you need to type a space to differentiate between first and last name. Try typing "c smi" and all your c smiths should come up.
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    thanks greenlion! this makes me WAY happier!
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    damn, that's nice. I missed this as well

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