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    When the decision was made to close the Treo Pro forum on WME and confine it to Treocentral, I understood that since this a site dedicated to Treos. So why is it that any time there's news to be shared on the Treo Pro, it gets posted on WME first?

    As someone who intends to buy this phone, I'm very interested in any news and discussion on it. The recent delay discussion was locked here due to excessive rambling and now the only place to discuss it is over on WME.
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    One thing, the WM Experts Treo Pro forum is not closed its just all the threads got moved over here when the separation happened.
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    That's like saying a store with no inventory and no customers isn't closed because someone didn't lock the front door. All the content and users have migrated here.

    Edit: And now a hands-on review of the phone is posted on WME while the banner headline on Treocentral is about a case for a Centro.
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    I've always felt that WM Treo articles on WM Experts should be cross posted here to Treo Central.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    I've always felt that WM Treo articles on WM Experts should be cross posted here to Treo Central.
    They usually do, but yeah sometimes we beat them to the punch

    In this case, I went to Best Buy and dropped $760 on one for the story of course I'm not keeping it that price, lol.

    Obviously TreoCentral and WME is in an odd position: the device is a Treo yet it's WM (and has some unique WM stuff in it too).

    It doesn't help either that I'm a Treo fan, lol.

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    I enjoyed reading both of your articles, but those news stories will be on Page 2 by tomorrow as new WM news becomes available. I also enjoy reading the comments others offer.

    The comments used to be linked to a forum thread so we could continue discussing it long after the article sinks to the back pages. Is that no longer possible between the two sites?

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