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    On my TREO 750(Unlocked) suddenly(??) I can not open ANY web page using WM 6 pro internet explorer.Following message shows up: The adress is not valid.Check the adress and try again.
    At the same time ,when I use SKYFIRE browser it works quite OK!
    But since WIFI log-on pages require that connection to the wifi networks can be done via devices "original" browser, it is not possible to use wireless anymore!
    Few days ago I was deleting some files for purpose of freeing storage space on my device. It can be that I have deleted smthg.I should never do.**** happens!
    How can I restore the functionality of inbuild web browser on my TREO 750?
    Sorry for my english.
    HELP me PLEASE!!!
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    hard reset
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    Did you have that problem before you installed SkyFire?

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