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    Quote Originally Posted by MRTRIPOD View Post
    where can i download the hbutton program?

    I can't get it to download from the site that is linked for some reason.
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    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fintan View Post
    Yes, I got it working using HButton, as listed in the xda thread

    HButton - PocketPC Button Enhancer

    Simply assign <ok/close> to the ok button and it does bring up the task manager quick menu.

    Kinda weird - almost thinking the ok button is dead in the today screen!

    All thanks for your contributions!
    Nice find Fintan.
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    Works great!

    Thanks so much!
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    Just a quick question. Does Hbutton 'redirect' the OK action every time (in any screen) to pressing the top right of the screen?

    If thats the case, wouldnt Mortscript be a better choice as it tends to be installed with most STP tweaks?

    Or does Hbutton only press the top right when OK is pressed AND your on the today screen?

    Also, if you press & hold OK will it still bring up the task manager?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fintan View Post
    The hardware "ok" button is handy.
    Only in the homescreen, it doesn't do anything.

    I would like it to program it to basically hit to top-right corner in order to bring up the task manager.
    A little annoying to have to use the touchscreen to do that.

    Is there some trick or tool to achieve this?
    I am using tMan (a simple freeware task manager). From setting menu, I set hard button 'ok' to open the task menu. You can then use the D-pad to scroll through and do whaterever you want. You can toggle between running applications, close them, etc.
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