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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Then I can make jokes about how you need to get a shot of antibiotics for that.

    On the same scale, what would you rate an 800w pre/post the mod?

    Also, have you done the QPST tweak?
    Yes, I did the QPST tweak and I got only slight improvement from it, earpiece still muddy sounding.
    This case mod took me from maybe 4 to a 7, although highly subjective.
    I'm going to take it apart and open up the entire slot or kill my phone, whichever comes first...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Then I can make jokes about how you need to get a shot of antibiotics for that.
    I was thinking STP Oil Treatment.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Wow - I am super-bummed. I've done the following:

    1. Taken my phone to the Sprint store for a warranty replacement - even the Sprint tech was surprised by the crappy, muffled sound - she hooked me up with a refurb phone just today.

    2. Did the "melt the plastic hole bigger in the ear piece with the heated safety pin" trick. I was very meticulous and using a safety pin and a small exacto knife I pretty much enlarged the hole to the entire width and length of the indentation on the ear-piece.

    3. Followed Ebag's guide (thanks Ebag) to use the Qualcomm app to crank everything to 4 - even reconnected and read from phone a second time to ensure new settings stuck.

    I haven't tried any voice calls yet but called my VM a few times and it sounds just as muffled and quiet as before. No improvement whatsoever.

    I am completely flummoxed that the sound quality is so poor. The phone is virtually unusable while I am in my car or any other sub-optimal environment.

    I suppose this post is just a rant because, considering the steps listed above, it looks like my options for improving the sound of the ear speaker have run out. Unless I can solder some better speaker in there - yah, right.
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    I remember complaining about muffled voice quality but was told by many (in this thread) that is was just fine. Now even they are taking drastic measures (surgery) for better voice quality.

    My advice, ditch the 800 and get the Treo Pro. No hot pins required.
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    On mine, I feel like the volume is super loud, but it is so friggin muddy that it just sounds like loud garbage. I wish they would stop screwing around with things as major as this!! Don't they test these things?
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    That is brilliant.
    I actually went into a phone repair place and asked if he could replace my speaker with another brand.
    He said no because the pin wouldnt fit.
    But Im sure this guy can open the hole for me.
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