Yesterday I removed my battery to save power. But when i put it back in, my phone would go past the window mobile sign, and ask me if I wanted the weatherpanel .dll to initiate. If I chose Yes, then my phone would go to Sync mode and freeze forever. But if I chose No, my phone would go to the home screen and boot without the weatherpanel; however, all my text messages are lost and the Inbox for my MSexchange server does not show up under messages.

I tried uninstalling weatherpanel. Now it boots up without asking for the .dll

I tried syncing with the USB cradle. The syncing worked, and it shows up as Synced; however, it doesn't show up as synced when I log into the MSexchange server email, using my browser it doesn't showed up as synced.

My main concern is getting my emails from MSexchange to my phone! Somebody help me please