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    Does anybody else have this issue or know what to do to fix it?

    My phone is not doing anything and yet the circle is going round and round as though it's trying to do something on the home screen-

    Ive tried taking the battery out, etc and it doesnt seem to help!

    What do i do?
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    Have you followed the troubleshooting guide in the FAQ?
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    cant find it on there....
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    Can't find what on there?

    Have you followed all 10 steps?
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    Have you tried a Hard Reset?
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    i guess i dont know how to do a "Hard reset" aside from taking out the battery-
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvanryn View Post
    i guess i dont know how to do a "Hard reset" aside from taking out the battery-
    Taking out the battery is a "soft" reset. A hard reset wipes the device clean of everything except your phone account information. It is the way to likely remove anything causing you problems, but with that all your data on your device will be gone. So I hope you've got a good backup or everything already synced with your desktop. Because the hard reset will remove everything and your device will look like it did the day you first brought it and the phone was activated.

    Here is the Sprint Users Guide. See pages 349-350 for details about soft and hard resets.

    If you would rather not do the hard reset on your own, you could go to a Sprint store and have them assist you. Or call Sprint customer support from another phone and they can talk you through it.
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    thanks for your help- i dont think i want to do a hard reset as i dont want to lose all my downloaded programs-

    I guess ill just deal with it! haha
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    This may help for future issues:

    If something weird starts happening, I hard reset, and then do a sprite restore back to when things were still ok.
    Just call me Berd.

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