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    I just got a treo700w with a clear ESN and HEX. I have verizon prepaid inpluse power plan. Verizon siad that I need to sign up for a post plan. They want a $400 dollar deposet. Is there any way I can take it to a carrier on prepaid ? Fro what someone told me is that verizon or sprint can not lock there phones anymore from a law suet that they lost. I'm so sick of verizon and all the games they play with there clients. I have tried to be nice for so long now but its time the gloves come off and I need help.

    Any info would really help
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    The lawsuit never got too far for starters. And since Sprint and Verizon are both CDMA carriers, it means it would be physically impossible to take phones from those networks to a GSM carrier, like AT&T or T-Mo. And while theoretically possible to move phones between the two CDMA carriers, it's easier to just buy a new phone. Cricket seems to offer help moving CDMA phones to its network, but it seems to be a rarity.
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    Well the last thing I heared is that sprint lost the suet in california and had to pay out 18mill. That I do know but as far as getting my phone to work with anyother cdma carrerer thats is what I'm trying to find out it does not have to be at&t or T-mobile anyone but verizon.

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