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    Last night I started having problems text messaging. I can receive messages, but can not send them. They just stay gray. I have deleted all other text messages I had to free up space, but that didnt help. And now the one person I was trying to text when it started messing up won't even delete. Its just that multicolor circle spinning in the middle of the screen continuosly. I have tried doing a Sprite Backup and that doesnt correct the issue. This is my 2nd 800w. My first I had for about a month and then it wouldn't load up anymore. So this time I decided not to put many applications on it, just in case. I have had this one for about 3 weeks now. All I have on it is the MP3 Trimmer, Soft Reset and Ebags MMS Enabler. But they have all been on it since the day I got it, so I dont think its any of the programs causing it.
    I have rebooted in about 30 times.... taken the battery out and all.

    Any ideas??? Thankssssss
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    i'm having the exact same issue, just started today. texts will go to gray but not send. receive is okay here in los angeles, ca. i can use MSN and AIM so it doesn't seem to be a network issue but a phone issue. any thoughts?
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    hmm i figured out the problem. i deleted the text message file /windows/palmmsgv001 and it went back to sending texts. i think it got too big or corrupt or something. stupid phone.
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    The palmmsgv001, I clear that file up daily. Never a problem, plus Ebag333's fix's, help alot.
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    Great - I find this now while finding a place to post this. I missed this after 4.5 hours of searching? Why did I ever leave TreoCentral for my search!! Well, I'll post it anyway for more key-words, etc. Oh, also I give instructions for the noobs (like me).
    I have spent hours of careful research to find out what windows users have done when their phones hang up upon a long-overdue text message string purge. I have discovered that this is not so uncommon. I have also discovered that people don't know and can't find out that sprite back-up can be used to purge text messages! So many have asked and the common response is to recommend the use of one of your competitors. I've taken hours to narrow down the particular back-up file that contains the text messages. Emails & email setup will have to be redone, but nobody has a problem with that. I will do my best to post this on various sites:

    After manually deleting each text within a string (many hundreds, as the purge got hung up with the constant display of the "wait timer" circling non-stop, I was left with a couple texts that wouldn't delete and this made it impossible for me to text these people without starting a new string each time. What I had to find out on my own, is that Sprite Back-up does a complete mirror upon backup such that the problem is actually ported upon restore, so when choosing restore after a backup, choose the name of the file to restore, then next, then when the files and folders options come up, click on the "+" to expand "system data" then click on the "+" for "file system", then click on "+" to expand "windows" folder, then unclick (opt out of) "PalmMsgV001". Everything will be restored perfectly except as mentioned above - oh you might also have to restore your selection of your "today screen" background - but I can't find another change. I had 2 identical phones to experiment on, lest I risk major data loss. Ok, if you don't have that file, because you don't have a palm operating window's mobile, then you can be certain that you will find a file similarly named for your phone. Sprite is an amazing program, and I can't believe that I haven't used it until this problem. Sprite support is stunningly poor. No contact info, limited blog info, so few FAQ's and no response to my problem when I posted. My phone is for the best window's phone ever made - the Palm Treo 800w - the phone that was down-graded (Less user user friendly and fewer functions) to produce the Palm Pro and Palm Pre.
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    I started having the same problem last night. I was hoping there was a way of keeping my texts, but I guess not...I suppose I'll just have to deal with the loss.
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