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    In Japan, small barcodes of sorts are popular on advertising. Snap a picture with your phone and save contact information or go to a company's mobile website all on your phone.

    Microsoft has their own take on this now with Microsoft Tag. Jason Langridge's blog shows us a picture comparing Microsoft's HCCB format Tag as compared to QRCode and Datamatrix codes where Tags can be smaller in size and are multi-colored rather than black and white.

    Microsoft's Tag concept takes the concept to the next level, though, by including a reporting mechanism that logs every time someone scans one of your codes, even if it's just a vcard. And there is an option in the application for your phone to allow location tracking, so you can now when and where someone scans your code.

    The application is available for Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, Android, and iPhone.


    Download the app to your phone via
    Try creating your own tags at
    Microsoft Tag's team blog
    Lots of details at and
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    I do think that TAG is a great idea... but the original barcodes never made it outside of Japan and I'm not sure that MS's implentation will be successful.

    I would like it to be, but I do wish it were more of an open standard instead of requiring MS's servers to work.
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    It is NOT available for palmOS.
    Hardee's had a promotion involving Tag and I was unable to participate with my Centro.

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    While we're here, I just got my mother-in-law away from AT&T and now she needs to get a smartphone for work. But it has to be able to use Tag.
    webOS isn't supported. Anyone wanna make an app? I really don't want to see her go back.

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