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    I have started to notice this from time to time, that my clock will randomly go out of sync.

    The 1st time I noticed it was on New Years Eve, when my clock was 4 mins slower then normal time and I almost missed the midnight countdown.

    Last night I got a text message and noticed that it was 1 hour behind from my house clocks. I removed the battery and it when it rebooted it went to the correct time.

    The only 3rd party programs that I have installed are:
    Spb Mobile Shell
    Bluetooth Audio from triangle powers software

    Thanks in advance to any help.
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    I've had the same problem before. What was odd was that the text messages i was receiving said the time was an hour behind while the texts i sent had the correct time. The person sending the text was in the same time zone as me. I had another time where my clock froze and made me late for work. My phone was working fine, but for whatever reason, the clock stop ticking. Both problems were fixed with a soft reset, but were very annoying occurrences.
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    Ya I did a soft reset (removal of battery) and it corrects the issue, but im more afraid of the fact that it could "bug" while im sleeping and make me late for work.

    Is this a known issue or random occurance, or caused by a 3rd party program?
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    Are you roaming when you notice the clock is off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by santos View Post
    Are you roaming when you notice the clock is off?
    Noopers no roaming, I have 3-4 bar signal at both times.

    Isnt there a way to have the phone sync up with a towers time every so often? I have always has "USE NETWORK TIME ZONE" checked, and even if I shut the phone off it wont reset the time correctly. Only if I remove the battery and do a soft reset.

    Since it happened at 2 different locations I doubt it could be a tower issue, but should I contact sprint on that?

    If you have suggestions or hints, please feel free.

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