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    That might be the stupidest thing about this phone compared to the other ones I have had. What process is writing over the registry changes and how do we stop them for good!?!?

    Currently my phone will not ring unless I change the following reg key:

    current user, control panel, sounds, ringtone0, script from "a" to "apw3r"

    After some minutes or even after a softreset it changes it back to an "a", for me my phone wont notify me of an incoming call without that reg setting.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated. I think this is my last problem but undoubtly the most important one.
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    Are you waiting a few minutes after making the changes, and then soft resetting with an application, rather than pulling the battery out?
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    Why not just change it in the Control Panel?
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    I tried in the CP. No, I used soft reset utility. I really want to understand why you have to do this; wait a few minutes. What is overwriting the registry, when, and how?
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    You don't have to wait a few minutes if you use a good soft reset program that soft resets properly (such as psShutXP). The program will tell WM to reset, and WM will save your registry.

    If you just pull the battery, the registry changes aren't saved instantly, so you have to wait a few minutes for them to be saved.
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    can you make a shortcut or parameter for that app to just do a reset rather than pulling the menu? I just used a utility called softreset.

    I ended up installing treoalerts to fix the other problem.

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