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    I have been trying for some time to find a very quick high pitched beep like my pager had for years. It could go off anywhere and no one ever knew who did it, so it was somewhat professional. I can't be the only one who wants to put my phone sms (for work pages) to vibrate and chirp so you can set it and leave it alone. If your phone is plugged in overnight you can still hear the chirp.

    Anyone have this or a link to a wav? All the ones I see are about a half second or so....
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    I created pagerbeep.wav (rename the txt file to wav) but it needs to be Mid and I cannot find a way to convert it. amazing midi said it was too short (needs to be 1/4 of a second or longer) and psmplayer 5 generated an error tryinig to convert it.

    Any more ideas? Do I just have to creat silence around it to get it to 1/4 of a second? Or is there a tool that can easily covert to a wm6 useable alert format?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    No, that is that same annoying series of beeps. I want incognito mode!!

    Its cold out here, no football on. So I'll try to figure it out and report back.
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    All I had to end up doing was adding it as a sound from settings, sounds and notifications, manage, add and it added the wav file as a notification. Now it is available in the dropdown list.
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    Although that only works for certain alerts. I think I still will need to find a way to convert to a Mid for reminder alerts for example. It does not show up in the dropdown list.
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    Anyone know specifically to get a sound to show up in reminder alerts. I read to place in windows\rings as mp3 that did not work. I see some "recorded on" files that look like I recorded with the voice recorder tool listed in my dropdown. Changing to Mid seems like a pain and I am guessing it is not the only way.

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