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    I have some corrupted files in my storage card such as M+1:ŽdŽ:.˙Ž!

    And I cant delete them, besides putting my Sdcard on my computer and using a program like Delete FXP files is there some other solutions?

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    I think the best thing to do in this case would be:

    1. Copy all the files to your PC
    2. Format the card
    3. Copy the files back from your PC to the card

    You may lose some files if they're corrupt.

    BTW I use EasySync to backup my card to my PC daily.
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    Hi, thanks, But I really dont want to format the card, I guess Ill try the util, if it doesnt work, I might either keep files there or do your procedure. Thanks, something so easy but I forgot that option. Thing is I have a bunch of programs installed on SD card, so I think copying them, formatting it and copying back would cause problems, or not?

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    From reading about Delete FXP files it's written to deal with FTP sites so not really what you want - but it may work.

    I've applied my format procedure to SD cards several times and nothing has been lost. If a program works on your device before you wipe it it'll work when you copy the card contents back.
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    Hi, Hjt

    Delete FXP works fine in Windows XP, it deletes any directory which system cant delete. But for the SDcard it didnt work, it showed some error.

    Great so I guess your solutions is the best, to copy everything somewhere else, then format it and copy back. But I guess a couple of corrupted folders, Ill just keep it that way, its not causing any issues.


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