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    My Treo Pro came with this icon Get Worldmate. How can I remove this icon? I cant see it in remove programs and also not in windows program/start/programs.

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    I use this "free" program called Clear Temp that cleans the memory and also deletes "dead" shortcuts. Worldmate is considered a dead shortcut.

    You can get it here:
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    Can I use this to get rid of the Sprint Store thing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chong67 View Post
    Can I use this to get rid of the Sprint Store thing?
    You mean if you have the CDMA version of the Treo Pro chong67? I believe that the Sprint Store is probably built into the ROM to begin with and perhaps you can only hide such icons but not delete the software itself. On the unlocked/GSM versio of the Treo Pro, Worldmate it is just a pointer to a software that can be completely uninstalled.
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    No, if you want to get rid of the icons on the Programs folder, do the following:

    start > File Explorer > Windows > Start Menu > Programs. From there delete any thing you want.

    Hope i helped.
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    Thanks, I will try. I found it in Win programs folder, but its read only, I cant delete it there.

    Hope the utility you recommended works

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    Your tip worked perfectly, thanks!! Worldmate icon removed Strange cause it says in explorer that its a ROM file... Anyways your tips worked.

    Does this temp program also delete folders of programs that were uinstalled that were left behind? Which option do I use?


    PS - the Windows Live icon I really cant remove right?

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