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    bought on ebay from what seemed to be a good seller. he hasn't responed yet, but sprint won't activate it until he release the phone.

    funny thing is the phone says 'not activated ' when you try to make a call with it.

    I am posting with it now though, the wifi works great!

    ps- power vision just updated. the phone works now. its on a 1000 minute plan. $74 a month and its not in my name.

    what should i do? i left a voicemail on the phone hoping the account owner will check it.
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    always ask seller for esn so you can call and confimr it is clean with sprint or verizon before you send payment. no legit seller will refuse this.

    for phone you lower than rating of 99% and 100 transactions is always a risk.

    the way ebay works you can be out shipping in both directions if you buy a device with a bad esn -- even if listing says clean esn -- as seller only has to refund purchase price when you return it to him at your cost. if listing does not say clean esn and also no contract needed you could be out all your money since it is ok to sell devices with bad esns as people buy them for parts.

    did listing say clean esn? If so I would challenge payment right away. that will get you a quick response.
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    If you used PayPal, file a dispute with them. That is most likely your best recourse.

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    ok. ill wait for a response first though. what a drag though, this seller has over four thousand feedbacks with 99.8% good... it really didnt seem fishy at all....

    ps- i really did think it said clean esn on the webpage, but apparently it doesnt. it says the phone was used for two weeks and they decided to go with a different phone. the condition of the phone is better then described, its like new. the page does specifically say no contract required though, and all the feedbacks claim their phones work great.

    im still hopeful this guy that sold the phone simply hasn't activated his new one yet... also, since the phone works and i can make calls/use the internet it obviously doesnt have a bad esn, it just has an in-use one. the bill is currently paid up too.
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    those are good numbers o the seller. I think a seller with a thousand feedbacks and 99.8% will make good. Some times these guys are away for a few days.

    Most are reselling and he may have missed checking the esn.
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    i contacted sprint. the cs guy was cool. he tried contacting the owner of the account, but there was no answer. he said i should check back monday because it is a business account and they probably wont respond till then.

    i feel a little better that its a business account. probably just some mixup and they forgot to cancel service. the sprint guy suspended the account though, so no more fun between two cell phones haha, but at least i still have wifi on the treo. its a pretty kick *** phone i must say.... also now that its a suspended account it should stir something up.
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    seller replied. he wants to make good. since the esn is a working one, he said he can clear it. and even if not, he will give me a full refund.

    all should be good soon.....
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    Good to hear!
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    im so frustrated.

    this is my second attempt at buying a 800w and im having more problems again. my original purchase- i paid the guy, he said he was shipping it, then a week later i find the money refunded and an email saying he needs to keep his phone.

    back to thread, this phone i just got (a week ago now) did not have a clear esn. the ebay store told me they would take care of it. they got the owner to agree to release the esn, but its still not cleared. last i talked to the ebay store was monday, and last they said was "all should be ok soon". they have not responded to my last two emails.

    i think i just want a refund now. im sick of this, it shouldn't take a month just to get a phone. im not even waiting for incredible deals either, im giving these people fair money and its like the world is saying "you will NOT have an 800w, dude". sigh

    should i just say 'f' it and wait for the pre? that is, if they allow it on the old sero....
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    Why not just go through Sprint?
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    If you want the Pre more than an 800w, you might as well wait.
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    a holy crap! update..

    the ebay store just refunded me in full, with an email attached. 'i gave you a full refund. also, keep the phone to use when it does eventually get cleared.'

    if this phone's esn does get cleared this will be fantastic! it will be worth the headaches i guess im honestly shocked by the level of support this ebay store is giving me. granted the two days without a response wasn't great, but its not bad either. i might have to post this store for some pub.... also if this does end up being a free 800w, i will certainly have to buy something else from him, its really not right that i would get it for free.
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    thse guys are resllers. it is possible the ebay seller you bought from got refunded for what he paid the original seller due to esn problems
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    yeah i suppose. i have a feeling he is being honest when he says the esn will be cleared up eventually though.... either way i can always sell this for parts if i must.

    maybe i should have kept my mouth shut to begin with a just used the phone with someone else paying the plan? j/k
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    success! phone works today, esn cleared and re-activated to my account! apparently this is a fee 800w. and aside from that too, the phone is a breath of fresh air. besides the speaker quality, it makes the moto q9c seem like a toy.
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    congrats. glad the story ended well!
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    its such a good overall phone, people who knock it are being really picky.

    the ebay store i got it from was cmdcellular. 5 star service is what i got at least.... and his feedback backs up my claim too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacetrader View Post
    its such a good overall phone, people who knock it are being really picky.
    Keep in mind you're still in the honeymoon phase, but I hope your 800w experiences go better than it went for some of the rest of us. I thought the complainers were picky too, till I was having my own problems . Hope it goes well for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacetrader View Post
    its such a good overall phone, people who knock it are being really picky.
    You realize Sprint took it down to $100 for a reason? that is why they dropped in price so fast on ebay last week. The people "knocking" it aren't knocking it more than Sprint or Palm already have.
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