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    I have a few words that were mistyped in the past that always pop up when I am typing (for the auto complete). Are there ways to remove those words?

    I wouldnt mind adding a few words that dont come up (richtj99, etc) to make them pop up?

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    I'd also like to know how to go about doing this . . . i get irritated w/the "ddddddddddddd" suggestion that I frequently get.
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    I'm not sure how you would add words (although I'm sure someone does) but to get rid of the misspelt word that have been stored; START...SETTINGS...INPUT (on the personal tab)...Click on the Word Completion on the CLEAR STORED ENTRIES button.
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    Try this program to edit the list:
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    the dictionary seems unable to handle symbols ( .,@) and capital letters. Any way to modify it? Would be nice to be able to have email address work.
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