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    I couldnt agree more with KJKrammer,

    I just picked up this Seidio Innocase with holster and I have to say that I am impressed. Not only was it easy to put on the phone, but it seemed to become one with the phone. Plus with the holster, it is fantastic. I wore it only for one day and I didnt realize that I had it on.

    Plus its formfitting feel also protects the body of my phone which was a real big concern for me.

    So I can only say, 2 thumbs up!!!!!
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    Yeah, the ONLY drawback I can find on this incredible case so far is that it has lost some of the coating in a few places on the sides. No big deal. What a great fit and protection!!! It is still smallet then 90% + of the phones out there with the case on.
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