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    It seems like I have to send myself a test text message every Am or before I go out to make sure my vibrate alerts work for meetings and phone calls. Sounds also fail.

    Interesting thing is that SPB time will always play the sound even when everything else does not. I mean everything, WMP, TCPMP, sounds and notifications test for vibrate and sounds. How the heck can that make sense?

    I need to fix this so I do not have to soft reset every day. I should not have to do that. Do I have a defective device? I have hard reset the device probably 20 times in 6 months so I am pretty sure it is not something I did.
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    Sounds like your notification queue might be too big.

    Check the FAQ (stickied at the top of the forum). There's a fix in there for that (it's for the WM alarm/notification fix).

    You may also want to look at the troubleshooting thread also linked in the FAQ. It walks you through how to troubleshoot your device if you have problems.
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    Ok, so now I get all sounds and vibrations except those of a known caller even thought I have the ring tone set and it is set to vibrate when ringer is on and vibrate when ringer is off. As soon as the call is missed, it vibrates to let me now I missed a call. The popup does show up on the screen that someone called. This is even after a soft reset. My buddies phone works perfectly with the same settings. Ideas; please?

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