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    my son has jammed up his 700w with thousands of messages in his deleted folder and now it's so jammed up he can't empty it.
    Is it possible to use explorer to find the folder/files holding the text messages and delete these? I'm hoping that the file/folder will be recreated upon receiving or sending the first new message.
    Of course, restoring to factory settings will do this but he has some info he doesn't want to lose and he can't get over to my house for a while.
    Anyone ever do this? If so, where and what are the file/folder names?
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    If your son is using threaded messaging, there is a file in the Windows folder called PalmMsgV001. Deleting that will delete all messages in the threaded messaging application...including received and sent messages. The file will recreate itself the next time the program is active. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a backdoor way to delete just a certain group of messages...I'm pretty sure it has to be done through the program itself. Of course, it may be different for the regular Outlook messaging application.
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    What exactly do you mean by jammed up? deleting (or purging depending on SMS application ) large blocks of messages can take some time. It can appeared locked up but really its still working. I would say, tell him to be patient when deleting. I average about 1000 to 2000 txt a week and purge them on sundays. it has taken 15 minutes before. what SMS application is he using? Palm Threaded or Windows POutlook (default)? and how is he deleting the messages?
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    Thanks for the replies.
    He had let it run over night and it still didn't finish.
    He had zero free memory.
    I cleaned it up by:
    Set delete to immediate rather than move to delete folder.
    And then manually deleted 6500 sent messages and 6700
    text message 30 at a time. It took a long time but I did
    it while watching a few basketball games.

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