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    My friend got a 700wx from her cousin a few days ago. He did a hard reset before he gave it to her. Whenever she turns it on (after having been turned off for a while) the screen stays black, but flickers. The flickering happens in staticky TV, and you can see the Today screen's colors underneath. Plus, the touchscreen works, as when it finally does come on, random windows are open that can be opened by clicking things on the Today screen. Apparently, she can get the screen to function normally by applying pressure to the top of the phone. I can't manage to do that, though...maybe my fingers suck. When she told me about the pressure thing, I figured the connector was loose...simple fix. However, whenever I apply pressue it doesn't work, and besides, if I remember correctly, the connector is not at the top of the screen. Help?
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    Have you tried to tighten all the screws yet? Also check for a stress crack near where the stylus is stored on the back side. if there is a crack there, then the "master" screw holding the board together won't be enough and allow the screen to become unseated. try to tighten all screws first. actually this should be down by everyone periodically.

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