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    Its a pitty Novii doesnt have the remote control program for Treo Pro.

    It seems there are no alternatives?

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    I've used Novii on my old iPaq 3955 and loved it. The reason why it worked so well is because the iPaq had consumer grade Infra Red. Since the pro does not, a remote software program would only work from about 3-4 feet away. Stop wasting time looking for a program and buy a universal remote....or my old iPaq from me. ;-)
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    Hi, Lawmen

    Oh, I see. Yes, if its such short range I guess its not worth it. I have a 700 WX where remote control was working but suddently it stopped working. Ill just give up on this

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    Might also be a good use for the Tx devices now that Palm has dropped them. Novii works real well on a Tx from across the room.
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