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    Is there any alternative to sync my Itunes on Win XP to my Treo Pro?

    I saw a paid program, but theres no trial.

    But its so cheap, 10 bucks. Anyone using it?

    I guess I could sync via Activesync but would really enjoy a program that lets me easily copy the music I want to the Treo and sync.

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    Doubletwist is free and works very well syncing Itunes to Windows Mobile devices.
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    Wow, what a great tip Thanks, Ill try it!!

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    Hi, Rc46

    Im having a bit of a hard time with this doubletwist. I want to sync my music from itunes to my treo pro.

    In Doubletwist I just see device ITUNES, I dont see my Treo. Connected my treo to my computer via both bluetooth and usb cable using activesync.

    Thanks for any tips.

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