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    Hello everyone!

    How do you guys Sync favorites? On my desktop I use Firefox.

    I heard you can use google slash wml (WAP version) but didnt work for me, to access Googletoolbar which has favorites sync.

    I want to sync without activesync, over wifi

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    I have heard that Skyfire is supposed to support add-ons, but I'm not sure whether or not that's actually true. If it actually does "translate all the web browser add-ons" as this Skyfire PDF says, then Foxmarks might be the way to go.

    Opera users can supposedly use Opera Link to get to their bookmarks from Opera Mini. Requires a free Opera Link account (via).

    Most succinct quote I could find (from a comment response to last link above):

    Did you also know you can synchronize between multiple PCs running Opera 9.5 beta and more than one phone running Opera Mini 4? The bookmarks can also be accessed on the Web at , so you can access and edit your bookmarks from other browsers, such as the Wii Internet Channel and non-Opera browsers. You have to use Opera 9.5 beta and/or Opera Mini 4 for automatic synching, however.
    It's reasonable to think the new IE 6 Mobile that comes with the Sprint Treo Pro might offer something along these lines, but MS is usually the last to add nifty browser innovations proven elsewhere. On the other hand, they did add Flash support this time, and that's somewhat cutting edge for mobile devices.
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    Wow, great... Thanks, will test these options.

    Easiest for me was if Google toolbar would work on the phone. I wonder if its true that you can access it from the phone using, I put that address and didnt find a way to login. Will try via Opera.

    BTW, Opera 9.5 beta is free and doesnt expire?

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    Hi, friend

    I cant use Skyfire in my country

    About google/wml, I didnt find a way to log in there and see favorites I put in my Google taskbar.

    Will thy the Opera suggestion you gave.

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    I use IE for both TP and Vista PC, but for some reason the sync process doesn't seem to like folders and I had to put all my fav's in the root Mobile Fav's folder in order to prevent them from being deleted...weird
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    I found a way All I have to do is go to on my phone and login, then I have access to my Favorites in my Google Toolbar


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