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    I was wondering if anyone knew of a FREE calorie counter program especially maybe one that includes restaurants for the Treo 800W. Thanks
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    I'd be somewhat interested in this as well.
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    For starters you can check out the following web site:

    If you are interested in the Weight Watchers program you can also look into a WW eTools subscription which includes WW Mobile - a mobile version of WW that allows you to track what you eat, dining out guide, & food calculator from your WM browser. The subcription is about $10.00/mo billed every 3 months or something like that.

    I have WW Mobile for my Centro but what sucks is that the program only plays well with WM 6.0 and not Blazer So I have to go through Opera Mini to use it. I also use the WWCalc program with the guides listed at the akasha site and I highly recommend that program as well. You can download the guides with full nutritional values (calories). The WWCalc program is designed for the WW program but I am pretty sure you can download the guides independant of the WWCalc program if needed.
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