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    I have had my Treo800W for about 3 months now, and last week one day I woke up to the Palm splash screen with a gray bar about 1/3 of the way across the screen. Soft resets did not fix the problem so I did a hard reset and hoped that Sprite backup had worked recently.

    After the hard reset I was able to restore from Sprite backup and thought all was fine again. Today when I connected the Treo800W to my pc the computer didn't recognize my phone, and the usb cable didn't charge the phone.

    I recalled that I had installed an update from Palm for the Battery USB fix. So I unplugged the USB cable, found the cab file on my phone and ran the program for the update. After doing that fix, I reconnected to the pc and the pc recognized the Treo800W, but not as the same Treo as before. The synch ran for well over an hour. Some of my contacts and appointments were getting duplicated, and the sync was generating an error stating my email database was too large to sync, so I cancelled the process.

    Now when I look at Activesync app on the phone it shows it being sync'd to two pc's. If I try to delete one of the pc's I get a message indicating that items used exclusively by that pc will be erased. Does that mean all of the contacts and appt's will be deleted? Not all have been duplicated so I do not want to lose any.

    Also, since this has all occurred the Sprite Backup program fails. What other free backup programs are available?

    What id the proper process to use when you have to do a hard reset? I imagine this will be an ongoing problem with Windows Mobile.
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    Hopefully you've got all the Outlook data you need already on your PC. Because your best option, is to delete ALL PCs in the device's ActiveSync settings. Then in ActiveSync on your desktop, delete the Mobile device there, remove any listed. Then connect your device to your PC and a new relationship will be established, when prompted select the option that accepts data from the PC and removes what is on your device. This will remove the duplicates on your device and result in things likely working fine.

    Strange Sprite Backup gives you problems restoring after a hard reset. I've always found Sprite to be one of the better device backup packages out there. I've never used any of the free ones, but I have seen some mentioned. I'll post the name of any I've read about in another comment.
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    Well actually there's only one free one I could find, PIM backup application. I think it only backs up PIM data though. I don't think it backs up applications and all like Sprite Backup does. I don't know if you'll find any free backup application that backs up the entire device.
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    I deletedboth pc's from the activesync program on my phone. I tried to delete the device from the Sync Center on my Vista PC but it wouldn't delete. I tried synching and it started the process but hung after a few minutes. In Sync Center it shows an error "Sync Failed," with this as the detail of the error "Desktop synchronization cannot be completed. Reduce your mailbox size by deleting some items and folders and try again."

    What is strange is that I do not have the Treo800W setup to sync email, just contacts, calendar, and notes.
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    ActiveSync doesn't deal well with restored connections.

    You can *TRY* deleting all your connections in AS, hard resetting, restoring your backup, and then creating a new AS connection. That has typically worked for me.

    Personally, I hate AS with a passion that cannot be described with mere words.

    Use Dashwire or something similar (I simply backup my contacts via Exchange) and ditch AS. A lot of headache will go away.
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    Hey LEDtreo, check this out and see if that advice helps you any.
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    Your gettting some bad (and some good - Ebagg) advice here. Here is what you do

    Do full backup
    Hard Reset
    Do full restore
    Delete Active Sync Partnership on desktop(s) and handheld
    Rename My Mobile Documents Folder on Desktop
    Delete All data from Outlook Desktop Calender, Contacts, Tasks and Notes
    Connect Handheld and create new partnership
    Select Combine Items
    Wait a long time
    This will populate your destop with all the PIM data from your phone
    You should be back in Active Sync busniess

    Any time you restore PIM data on the handheld you will need to delete your active sync parterships before you can sync. Dont ask me why, but thats just the way it works.
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    rc46, do you really think its reasonable to declare any of the advice provided to be "bad"? You are offering what has worked for you, Ebag333 is offering what has worked for him, what I've offered worked for me and others. So I can't say anything provided is "bad", I just hope the OP gets things working again and feel we all have overcome the issue via various means.

    I leave it to the OP to decide what they want to do and given I'm not you I can't declare your advice to be "bad", but you're not me or the others who used the method I suggested. I've tried some things that others said worked for them and it didn't work for me, that does not make their advice "bad", but ActiveSync is a funny thing and when I have had issues with it I was glad many potential solutions were available online. I found one that worked for me, some other proposed solutions did not, the OP will hopefully find one that works for them. What resolves an issue for someone is not "bad", even if it does not work for you personally.

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