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    I'm a cellphone addict and the iphone and iphone 3g stopped me from buying any smartphones for almost a year and a half. This is the longest I have ever gone. I love the iphone 3g but I miss the ability to customize and use some of the more advanced smartphone features. I have jailbroken the 3g but this still didn't cut it. I figure I'll give the treo pro a try. I had previous treos and windows mobile phones in the past so I know what I'm getting into. Do you think I'm crazy for trying out the PRO? Has anyone switched from the iphone 3g to the treo pro and regretted it? I like all these new shell programs (spb, vito) for windows mobile, something that did not exist when I used windows mobile in the past. The new Kinoma Play looks nice as well.

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    I don't think you're crazy. I think the Windows Mobile platform has a lot to offer that the walled garden of the iPhone, even jailbroken, does not. My advice would be to not get too carried away with the various shell programs. I find that they may be pretty but they tend to be bloated and non-functional. There's lots to choose from so have fun playing.
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    You're not crazy. Just make sure you are in touch with what you truly intend to use the phone for before you switch back. I wouldn't move back to WM just for the customizations. I agree that there are more advanced features available with Windows Mobile and that would be a good reason if you actually intend to use those features.

    The iPhone is clearly not for everyone. Like the Pre, I like many elements of the iPhone but it just doesn't offer enough business utility for me. Gizmondo and other sites gush about the GUI and such and heap scorn on Windows Mobile but these users clearly don't need a platform that offers the utility of Windows Mobile. Since I'm considered a 'business user' I like Windows Mobile despite the lack of gloss and glitter. I want to use 3rd party software (Twiddlebit Pocket Plan) to open MS Project files on the road. It's nice to be in a meeting and have the ability to do project 'what ifs' and not have to say I'll get back to you. Unless you have a networked PC in the conference room or you walk around the office with a laptop, it just not something you can readily do. I enjoy using more open platforms that do not force me to buy software from only from one distributor. I like having a phone customized and configured to how I intend to use it. I like having freedom to use real GPS navigation software with 3rd party sources that work without a data connection. I like having a swapable, removable memory expansion option. If I outgrow the card, I can get a bigger one instead of a new phone. I like having a swapable battery in-case I get stuck at an airport and I can not find a place to charge my phone.

    The applications I've seen for the iPhone seem to be more consumer oriented. The games are nice but it's the exception and not the rule when I'm using the phone for games.

    Apple imposes alot of control and limitations on the iPhone platform and and it's software developers. I don't like people exercising that level of control on me for something I paid for and own. Freedom, utility, and flexibility are the reasons I'm not an iPhone user.

    I'm not trashing the iPhone because for alot of users it's absolutely perfect for their needs. It just doesn't work for me.
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    Just as as P.S.

    If you can wait until the GSM Pre hits the streets, it may be the perfect solution for you as well. This is just a stab in the dark but I think some of of more advanced applications developed for WM and Palm OS may eventually find their way to the Pre. The Pre gives you some of the UI eye candy and ease of use as the iPhone but may bring more serious applications to bare.
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    You are not crazy.

    I would never get an iphone even if it is free. Not even a Blackberry.

    It is just too big.

    I will not look at anything if it doesnt run in Windows.
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    I switched from an iPhone 3G to a Treo Pro, no regrets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetluva View Post
    I switched from an iPhone 3G to a Treo Pro, no regrets.
    Same here. For me what killed my iphone love was inability to use it one handed. It's a nightmare to make a call when you're driving with an iphone even with bluetooth car kit support. I cover two hospitals, need to answer my pager when driving at 70 miles/hr daily, the treo pro works wonderfully for that. Plus as others have posted, the iphone is great for fun but not for serious work.
    Here's my list of what you can do on the treo pro that you can't do on the iphone
    1. system wide search-downloaded a file but can't exactly remember where? You'll find it if you remember any aspect of that file wherever it is on your device. With iphone you can only search contacts
    2. Bluetooth file transfer-I use this almost daily esp to transfer photos from my phone to PC. Also beam contact info to other people's phone is so easy
    3. Turn by turn GPS
    4. Expandable memory
    5. Tweak your device to your heart's content and I'm not even talking about hacking the registry. The software out there for WM is breathtaking for powerful utilities many free. Apple's App store is dominated by games and crapware.
    6. Many of your most freq used applications are one or two keyboard presses away.
    7. You can truly multitask, leave as many apps open as your memory will permit, don't have to climb to the home screen to change apps like the iphone.
    8. I can buy my medical software once if I want to and keep it. The iphone business model is a 1 yr renewable license, don't renew it software stops working , that was put the nail in the coffin of my iphone.
    9. The Treo Pro dialer is awesome, punch in numbers/letters and it starts bringing up names, most recently dialed/received first. Rarely use the Contacts program. With iphone you have to switch between numeric dialer,contacts, recent calls etc so inefficient.
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    Choosing a Treo Pro is one of the best choices you could've made. Gotta love that qwerty keyboard.
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    Everything can be done quickly on the Treo Pro - I can launch the top 3 programs with one button (IE, SMS/Email, Calendar). I can launch another 5 with just two button presses, and another 7 using the Start Menu + Letter...from anywhere. Dialing from the homescreen is easy, I can search Google from Today. Everything is just convenient and easy to use on the Treo Pro. The form factor and the OS all work together for efficiency and effectiveness - something that other touch devices, even HTC WM devices, can't touch.

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