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    I have a Treo Pro with WM 6.1 but I think the standard SMS and e-mail SW on WM is quite boring to look at and to use so I need some recommendations to alternative SW that I could use.

    Thanks for any tips!

    Ivar T
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    There's always Flexmail but I don't know if it is boring to some extend. I couldn't say but I use Flexmail because of it supports idle imap and message filtering and Pocket Outlook does not. If it were not for these two items, I'd use PO too.
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    I stopped using FlexMail as it's so buggy. WebIS wouldn't give me my money back. Hopefully they won't get your money too.
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    Works great for me...what was the problem(s) that you had?
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    I tried FlexMail before too, on my HTC Trinity. I didn't like it too, although I don't remember precisily what bothered me.

    I'll review some interesting SMS application soon, but it's a bit hectic at the moment so it'll probably a week or so...
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    what do you think is better? have you ever tried a blackberry?

    i like wm.
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