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    Ok I didn't search for hours but I did search:

    But has anyone else had a problem with their Pro where they connect with a call (either initiated or recieved) and they have no phone sound. The call connects but you cannot hear the other party.

    This has never been a problem until the last couple of weeks and don' t really remember any specific changes I made to the phone. This was a common issue for a few ROM's back when I was using a Kaiser (Tilt) and was supposedly an OS probelm with certain ROM's.

    Any experience along these lines would be appreciated.
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    Can't really offer you help but I can confirm that the same thing happens to my phone every now and then. I can't seem to figure out what causes it, but it is very frustrating. You would think that the phone function on a smartphone should work without fail.
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    It does at least help to know someone else is having the issue.
    it was a common problem with some ROM's I used with another phone that was at that point blamed on the OS.

    maybe we can get some others to comment.
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    Could be a network problem because I had similar issues with a couple of phones on Sprint (Mogul, 800w). You may be using a different technology and network but that doesn't mean some of the same problems don't occur.
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    I have same problem periodically. A reboot fixes it as once it starts happening it won't restore itself.
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    Yep I agree - the only thing that solves it is a reboot. It just keeps happening until I reboot it.

    I wish we could figure out what is causing it:
    I have the following installed:
    BT fix
    Pocket Weather
    Today Agenda

    among others but these were the ones I thought could possibly cause.

    Skype is one that I have installed in thelast several weeks. Do others that have this problem have Skype installed?
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    I think its a Windows Mobile thing. My 800w does it once in a blue moon and my sons 700wx does it sometimes as well. There have been other random reports of this issue in the 800w forum.
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