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    My treo 800w was hard reset to factory default with the latest patch install (battery charging issue).

    Issues I am having with the phone:

    1. Phone would not turn on after hitting the power button or reinserting the battery.

    2. When it does turn on it is stuck in an endless loop at the white palm splash screen, the status bar goes `1/5 of the way across the screen and it will reset itself and does the same thing over and over and over again. Even after I reinsert the battery it keeps resetting itself

    3. When I do manage to get it pass the splash screen and load and fully charged, all of the phone features would work. After i leave it alone in a while it would die and go back to issue #1 stated above.

    If you have any suggestions or theory on how to fix it please let me know.

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    Dang! It maybe bad news.

    This happen to my phone last night.

    It is stuck at the Palm screen and the bar below just sit there 1/3 of the way.

    I did the hard reset and it is same and just sit there.

    I take to Sprint store and they need to get past this screen. They cant so they are ordering a replacement for me. It is brand new and 5 months old.

    They let my baby sit there for 2 hrs and now I got this ugly Palm logo on my screen. LCD burn in. Double screwed!

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